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Verónica Arís was born in Santiago, Chile. She studied two Bachelors at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile: one of Fine Arts, with the dissertation: 'Return to painting as an exercise over time' in 2003, and the other of Philosophy with the dissertation: 'The Question of the phenomenological genesis of the concepts of consciousness in the Fifth Logical Investigation of Edmund Husserl' (2011). Settled in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 2004 until 2008, she studied with Professor Roberto Walton at the University of Buenos Aires. Back to Chile in 2009, Arís lead two reading groups concerning the Cartesian Meditations by Edmund Husserl for physicians at Clínica Las Condes (2009-2013), and from 2012 to the present day, one on 'The Phenomenological practice for Clinical Diagnosis: Studies for a Phenomenological Psychology', mainly for psychoanalysts and psychiatrists. She also studied a Master in Philosophy at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven with the dissertation: Towards a Phenomenology of Height Vertigo in 2016.

Since 2007, Arís regularly presents her personal studies in Congresses of Philosophy in Argentina and Chile. Her interests are mainly focused on Phenomenological Research concerning disturbed consciousness within the Psychological field and different systems of attention displayed in Arts production and performing such as drawing, painting, and dancing. As a result of these investigations, she has presented a Seminar on Applied Phenomenology, focused on the experience of perception in Drawing in general, Height Vertigo and Drawing Portraits, in Santiago de Chile (January 2018).

After years of studying Phenomenology, Arís decided to turn to the visual arts with a series of charcoal portraits in 2013, as a way to broaden philosophical discussions outside of the scholarly field. This translation of philosophical discussions into visual art has two main implications: on the one hand, it turns Philosophy back to everyday life, and on the other hand, turns the aesthetic experience of Art into a meaningful scenario for discussion, reflection and knowing thyself. This initiative has led her to participate in both Collective and Solo exhibitions in Brussels, Basel, Zagreb, and London.

Currently, she gives drawing courses in Brussels. It is common to hear her students saying: "It is not just a class of drawing in order to make something nice. She teaches us how to see. She pushes us to be aware of all that is going on while we perceive the composition, how much to believe in our perception, how much to deconstruct of it. It is as if she knows what is going on inside us, what is happening to us". In fact, for her, a real workshop on Phenomenology, far from a traditional class of Philosophy at the University, is a drawing course. It is in the drawing courses where we really deal with our perception in a phenomenological way.


At Petershof, Basel, Switzerland, 2016. Shot by Reto.


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